Civilian Casualty Mitigation

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  1. ASU professors say military is off when reporting civilian deaths
  2. Costs of War Can’t Be Assessed Without Official Civilian Casualty Estimates

We always work diligently, along with our partners, to do the right thing with the important missions entrusted to us," said Air Force Lt. James Vechery, deputy commander for military operations, U.

ASU professors say military is off when reporting civilian deaths

The command has processes in place to ensure the safety and protection of the local population remains a top priority. These procedures, combined with precision strike capabilities, safeguard civilians and infrastructure. Africa Command complies with the Law of Armed Conflict and takes all feasible precautions to minimize civilian casualties and other collateral damage. Despite the diligence and precautions taken to minimize CIVCAS, allegations occur that require comprehensive assessment and rigor to ensure proper accountability.

Allegations were reported through a variety of sources, ranging from unit-self reports to publicly available reports on social media. Allegations were also reported through NGOs and open sources.

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The exercise sought to understand the vantage points of a range of agencies interested in post-airstrike assessments. Daniel Mahanty, Director of the U. Terrain and environmental considerations are made to ensure that there are no known transient civilians within the effects range of the chosen munitions, he said.

Military Focuses on Afghan Civilian Casualties

I doubt that an apology or an ex gratia payment of a few hundred or thousands of dollars is enough of a disincentive. All-in-all, however, the manual is a positive step and the issue of CCM, both as a legal obligation and as a strategic priority, should be incorporated into all relevant military manuals.

Costs of War Can’t Be Assessed Without Official Civilian Casualty Estimates

Avoiding Civilian Casualties: the U. Army Lays Out its Guidelines.

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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Overall ATTP First, the positive: The manual covers situations of armed conflict and noncombat operations, and it incorporates important lessons learned from mistakes the military has made in the past—such as trying to avoid faulty intelligence that can lead to civilian casualties, recognizing that enemies co-mingle with civilians, and, to be more specific, warning that a person working at night may simply be a farmer avoiding the heat of the sun rather than a person laying an IED.

The Afghan government has begun implementation of the National Policy on Civilian Casualty Mitigation and Prevention, which it officially endorsed in October Pursuant to Protocol V, the Afghan government must identify locations of possible unexploded ordnance for removal or destruction. In response to the report, UNAMA continues to urge all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan to increase efforts to protect civilians from harm. How we work. Read times. Category: Afghanistan - Web Review.