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The Pros: On the pro side, a free introductory session does give the prospective client a chance to discover what they want to achieve and a real taste of what is to come and what they can achieve if they continue. It also shows that the coach is willing to give their time freely to ensure they are a good match with the client. The Cons: Conversely, unless the lead is really well qualified, and the session timed and structured you can waste a lot of time with people who simply want a free session, to pick your brains, and have no intention of engaging you.

Great for the ego, but not great for both your spirit and your pocket for feeling in exchange for the time and expertise you have given them. A compromise: The knack for a successful introductory session seems to be to give them a taste of coaching, but leave them hanging enough that they want more. More sales than coaching!


A tricky balance if you are committed to helping others become more able and likely to get carried away. The free introductory session rules: The session is strictly timed and the prospect is aware before-hand how long it is going to be, what is going to be covered and has already been advised of the various coaching packages. This last point is especially important if you are offering free sessions via the internet.

So many people are happy to "click here for a free introductory session", because it is free without any real intention of being coached long term. In fact they may be hoping to get all the coaching and solutions to their problems they need from that free session. Another dilemma coaches often face is whether of not to publish their life and business coaching fees on their website or in printed brochures. Lets look at the pros and cons for both strategies. The pros: In favor of publishing your costs is it tells the prospective client right up front what you charge and saves that "money conversation" that you may find uncomfortable at the end of an introductory session.

Once my clients have booked a Discovery Session with me, I send them a short questionnaire which includes "Have you looked at the programs I offer so you know what could work for you if we go ahead? This works for me and you may want to experiment a bit. The Cons: Until you have had an introductory session, the prospective client might not realise the value of your offering and why you are charging that amount, and decide against coaching even before speaking to you. The variations in your programs can be for length of session or number of sessions in a series and whether you include in between session email contact or brief telephone contact.

You can see how I have structured my current programs here. Depending on your demographic yours fees may be quite different.

Coaching Faqs

Often when a prospective client starts pushing you to reduce your fee with an "I really want to do this, but can't afford it" story, it's often more about their priorities than whether or not they have the money. On two occasions early in my career I fell for this and, anxious to sign up the client, seriously discounted my fee only to discover that the clients were actually in a much better position financially than I was at that time. In the first instance the client was saving for an extended overseas holiday and in the second carrying out major house renovations.

When I discovered this in the course of the coaching, I have to admit it left me feeling somewhat undervalued and cheated. Not the best place to be coming from as a coach! So again I stress, much better to change the structure of the program to fit what the client is willing to pay, than discount your time and skills. There are many ways to establish Life Coaching Fees. Will you share yours? New coaches will be really grateful for information on how you started charging and what you did to get your fees to where they are now. Please share your experience Enter a title here e.

How I set my Coaching Fees.

How to Create Your Coaching Services Package | Coach Blog

Close Help. Entering your story is easy to do. Just type!

Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story. Keep in mind, the cost of coaching is often value-based pricing ; likewise your target market can affect your rate.

Other factors to consider include administration costs, travel time, overhead costs, business insurance and training materials. There are various ways to market your services including fixed rate per session or bundles and packages. There are pros and cons to both; if you create coaching packages, a client will be locked in for a set number of sessions or certain duration. However you may be excluding potential clients who would rather hire on a per session basis. Consider other program delivery options including group sessions, DIY programs, webinars and onsite workshops. Be innovative when naming your coaching packages by wordsmithing and using action words.

Generate a value proposition that gives potential clients a clear vision of what you offer and the impact it will have on their lives. One way to attract clients to interact with you is to offer an incentive or take-away that will provide some level of value to potential clients. Ideally, the incentive should be created in such a way that the client has to fill out something and send it back to you for assessment and reporting. Create a business plan that outlines your vision, mission, business objectives, target market and action plan to follow.

As your business grows, your business plan will require some tweaking to accommodate changes to your business. As you plan out your coaching services packages, remember that your coaching business is a work in progress and will continue to evolve as you secure more clients and diversify. Christine Cristiano is a Career Development Practitioner, Certified Career Strategist, and Certified Life Coach with a genuine passion to empower clients to uncover the perfect job or create their own destiny through self-employment.

Connect with Christine on Noomii or through her website.

Skyrocket Your Business: The 6 Key Steps to Having Genuine and Highly Effective Sales Calls

Please log in to leave a comment. Noomii is the web's largest directory of life coaches and business coaches. Interestingly enough: Both of those stories have the power to make entrepreneurs completely resist the prospect of launching. Maybe it feels like too much work, or too much risk, or too much brain power to even consider it for your business.

For example, if you sell one-on-one coaching, or design, copywriting, or small group programs, or healer type of services? You might feel your business is chugging along just fine without launching! Been there too! Launching your new package or service offering the right way up front can still make a major difference to your results, and make it much easier to fill your programs or client spaces quickly. I would know.

Launching has completely transformed my business; from the way I plan out my content all the way to the experience I make sure to give my students and clients. Make sure to bookmark this or take notes for your next — or first — launch! Launches are the ultimate funnel, and super intimidating for so many of us… but when you get them right, they can be absolutely game-changing.

Click the button below to come along. That, to me, was launching. Man, was I letting myself down using this approach.

You know it can transform lives.